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Oregano is one of the most aromatic and taste-specific herbs that you can use in the preparation of your meals. Italian pizza would never taste the same, if it lacked its touch of oregano.

According to the Greek mythology, oregano was accepted as a symbol of joy. Newlyweds received oregano wreaths, since old Greeks believed that the herb could make love even stronger.

Oregano has a spicy, slightly sweet and very fresh taste. It tickles the senses and small amounts are needed to add specific taste to each meal.

Oregano is classically used as a pizza and pasta spice. It can also be used in the preparation of vegetable dishes. Oregano can be used to spice squash, pepper and potato dishes. Most chefs use dried oregano, though fresh oregano leaves a fresher taste.

Fresh oregano can be stored in a fridge for several days. Dried oregano can be used for months without changing its qualities. Keep in mind that dried oregano should be stored in a glass container or an air-tight container to preserve its quality.

Dried oregano is much more aromatic than the fresh herb.

When cooking, keep in mind that oregano cannot be used alongside all other herbs. It tastes finely together with rosemary and thyme.

Each time you prepare a meal, remember to add oregano several minutes before you remove the dish from the source of heat. Extensive cooking will diminish the pleasing scent of the herb.

You can create a universal spice mix that can go along most of the meals that you cook. The most important ingredient of the mix is oregano. You can add paprika, salt and chili. This mix is especially suitable for seasoning pizza and pasta.

Apart from its popularity in Italian cuisine, oregano is widely used in Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. Use oregano to add specific taste to chicken dishes, grilled meat, marinated vegetables, beans and clams.

The combination of oregano and marinated olives is especially pleasing.

Greeks add large amounts of fresh oregano to salads. It can be used in the preparation of a salad dressing alongside olive oil and lemon juice. The same dressing can be used to make fish meals tastier.

Oregano can also be added to soups and in the preparation of meat sauces. All sauces that contain tomatoes can be made even better with oregano. Such sauces are used in spaghetti, pizza, lasagna and alongside meats.

Mexicans use oregano together with chili pepper. Chili con carne and other Mexican dishes will never taste the same without the use of oregano.

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