Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a cool, delightful summertime treat.  Throughout the years, many different flavors have developed.  Some, like vanilla and chocolate, are timeless classics, while others are new and imaginative.  Regardless, there’s a flavor for everyone who would like to enjoy the frozen treat.  Here are some of the most popular flavors of ice cream today. 


You can’t go wrong with the sweet, plain flavor of vanilla.  It’s the most popular type of ice cream, as over a quarter of Americans prefer vanilla over other flavors. Vanilla is popular because it goes well with toppings, like chocolate syrup, caramel and strawberries, for example.  The sugary sweet treat is one of the oldest flavors and will likely remain popular for years to come.


Many people enjoy chocolate flavored ice cream as well.  The smooth, rich taste beckons children and many teenagers.  Chocolate ice cream is the number one pick for about 9% of the population.  It is a classic flavor and appears in malts, shakes, and every kind of ice cream treat imaginable.

Butter Pecan

This flavor gives a sweet, buttery, nutty taste to the ice cream world.  It is less common than chocolate, but still has many fans, especially within the generation that grew up consuming the treat.  It may come as a surprise to some who have never heard of the cool treat, but butter pecan is the third most popular ice cream flavor.


Strawberry ice cream is the favorite flavor of over 5% of the population.  Many people enjoy the fruit flavors, and strawberry has risen to become the most popular fruit ice cream flavor. The pink ice cream can be served with or without real strawberries, and is sure to please the palate!


This type of ice cream is a combination of three favorites: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.  It’s popular among individuals who enjoy a variety of flavors.  Neapolitan usually comes in a box with equal stripes of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, so there’s a flavor for everyone!

Other popular flavors include chocolate chip, French vanilla, and cookies and cream.  Vanilla fudge ripple and praline pecan, two less-known flavors, are also popular among fans.  Flavors like cherry, rocky road, and coffee are well-liked as well.

There are many different flavors of ice cream, but the most popular are classics:  vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.  On a nice summer day, it’s a great idea to try a variety of the cool treat.

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