Monosodium Glutamate Msg Effects on Health

The other day I read a very disturbing report about a substance that can be found in almost anything we eat or drink. It is in packaged foods, dairy-based foods (like yogurt, cheese, milk chocolate, etc.), baked goods, pastas, cereals, condiments, canned foods, processed meats, poultry, game meats, even canned fish. It is also in dried foods, like mushrooms and vegetables. It is in supplements and protein drinks for the health-conscious. If the food comes from a package, can, bottle; it has this substance in it.

It can be sprayed on conventional (non-organic) fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also in most beverages, like beer, water based flavored drinks or flavored alcoholic beverages. It is in restaurant food, hospital food, school cafeteria food. It is not allowed to put it in infant foods, but they get it with the vaccines. Yes, it is in vaccines too. By the time we are born, we’ve have already been exposed to it, as it penetrates the placenta barrier and into the fetus.

What is this substance? This substance is an amino acid called Mono-sodium Glutamate, or MSG. What is its role, why do they put it into everything? It is a flavor enhancer. A FLAVOR ENHANCER.

Now let’s take a look at the effects of MSG. Scientists and researchers are using it to trigger epileptic seizures, strokes and to destroy cell tissues. They have found, that MSG increases your desire to eat more food faster and more frequently. Could it be why obesity is on the rise in epidemic proportions?

MSG is now linked to autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, which also is on the rise. MSG is a very effective way to create diabetes, damage the eye tissues and damage the brain. (With tongue firmly in cheek), could that be why we don’t see and understand what the decision makers are doing to us?

One has to wonder if “they” (those in power) eat and feed their own children these same foods that they are lacing with toxins for the rest of us.

If you eat pure whole organic foods, after a while your taste buds return to a normal state and become more flavor sensitive, you will find the MSG laced food doesn’t taste good anymore.

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