Blue Balls

Are you imaging what blue balls are in bed sometimes? It is the condition more than just your imagination and it’s a really common health condition while you have prolonged sexual arousal. However, this condition can’t do every male. Blue balls occur while a man is turned on and this causes his blood to flow to his penis so that it can give an erection quickly. On the other hand, his testicles may swell as well. If the single male doesn’t ejaculate in some case, it can cause the pressure to buildup and get some heat on the supersensitive balls. It can be the thing as being mild or even worse, the crotch will become pain but it’s not the dangerous condition and you can manage this pain too.

According to women who wonder to know how about blue balls, here are some points as below:

1. Don’t think it as an excuse. In some time a man tells you he got these blue balls, this should be noted by ladies that he is not try to take you to bed. What’s more, a woman should not force his man when he complaints you his blue balls. The health experts have revealed that those who have got this condition is not meaning they will die.

2. There is no known cause for blue balls. Although a lot of theories are out there, nobody knows the true cause of this condition. Some people think it may be associated with the epididymis.

3. About the cures. There are some cures for this condition, the best one is to unclog your penis or ejaculation.

4. Some voices from the medical community. A few of this type of community believe that blue balls don’t exist and it is a myth for people. Besides, in most medical texts this condition mentioned seldom, this is another reason that it’s not accepted by those experts.

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