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M&Ms are one of the most successful and delicious candies in existence today. There are plain M&Ms, dark chocolate M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, and peanut butter M&Ms. Peanut butter M&Ms aren’t that great. I’ve never had dark chocolate M&Ms, and plain M&Ms are good, but nothing compares with peanut M&Ms. Unless someone is allergic to peanuts, peanut M&Ms are delicious and you get some protein with your chocolate fix.

When I bite into peanut M&Ms, the first instinct that goes through me is to say, “Yum.” After vocalizing my appreciation of peanut M&Ms, I chew it and savor the taste and texture of that hard chocolate shell and that crunchy peanut interior that mixes together to form such a brilliantly planned taste. After that, I find myself unable to say no to the rest of the small packet of chocolate and peanuts, and finish – typically against my better sense.

Anyone who has ever experienced this reaction to any food or candy knows that it means that it is brilliant beyond reason. If peanut M&Ms weren’t absolutely great, no one would want to eat them. Sure, I also enjoy eating plain M&Ms, and so do plenty of other people. This article is not meant to degrade normal M&Ms – it is simply to praise the grandness of peanut M&Ms over plain ones. The reaction of being unable to stop eating the peanut M&Ms is obvious – it shows such an appreciation for that masterful union that plain M&Ms just don’t have.

Plain M&Ms have chocolate and that candy shell. They are delicious, and I have had the same reaction. The only thing is, the tasteful sensations that I experience with peanut M&Ms is so much more. Peanut M&Ms have such a rich texture, peanut M&Ms have such a taste… peanut M&Ms are the full package, the best deal.

Other people agree with this assessment – just look at the poll results on the debate page. Do that after you finish reading this article, of course; don’t skip out on this article just to look at those darling poll results. If other people agree with the assessment that peanut M&Ms rise above the plain M&Ms, isn’t it true?

Just look at that peanut M&M right there in your mind’s eye. It’s bigger than the plain M&M. It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and salty, where plain M&Ms are just sweet. Too much of a sweet taste can lead to feeling sick, after all, so you have to stifle your intake of plain M&Ms – not because you want to, but because they can be just too sweet!

Don’t just take my word for it! Try the peanut M&Ms and compare them yourself, then make your own decision. Of course, if you’re allergic, this doesn’t apply.

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