Low Calorie Ice Cream Options

Ice cream can be a delicious snack on hot days, but every meal has its price, right? Fortunately there are healthier options- low calorie ice cream is possible!

The author’s personal favourite for an easy, non-fattening ice cream is sorbet. Sorbet, usually made up of frozen sugar and fruit, is solid and holds only the calorie content from the added sugar and natural sugar of the fruit- therefore a healthy, yet still flavoursome ice cream variety!

Another viable option to go for is frozen yoghurt. While it might not be as satisfyingly creamy as ordinary ice creams, neither is it as frustratingly fattening! Most frozen yoghurts have the same range of flavour options, just far healthier and, in most cases, cheaper. If you’re looking for the same health benefits as available in ordinary yoghurt, however, you need to look for the NYA (National Yoghurt Association) seal on the pot.

Sherbet is also a tasty option. Made with milk and egg whites, sherbet, like sorbet has a mainly fruit base, lowering the calories and upping the healthiness. However, it is made with more milk and sugar, and is, as follows, denser and creamier.

Soft-serve is an ice cream containing twice the air of normal ice cream, the opposite of gelato. This stretches the ingredients, making it low fat and low calories; though soft-serve ice cream often contains unwanted fillers and additives to make up for the stretch in flavours.

The  final suggestion is ‘slow churned’ ice cream, which also goes by the names ‘cold churned’ or ‘double churned’. Ice cream that you see in the supermarket labelled ‘light’ is quite often actually slow churned. By law, ice cream labelled ‘light’ has to contain at least 50% less fat and 33% less calories than everyday full-fat ice cream. The process of extrusion which is used to make slow churned ice cream distributes all of the ingredients evenly, causing there to be less need for extra ingredients to regulate the taste.

Brand wise, it isn’t difficult to find ice creams and lollies for under a hundred calories. Mini-milks, Refreshers, Soleros and Twisters all promise less than a hundred calories, with Mini-milks being the lowest at just thirty or thirty-one calories each. Most of these are available from your local supermarkets at an easily reached cost.

As you can see, there are numerous options for a tasty and healthy dessert this summer; and it is hoped this has gone some way to help you with your choices.

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