How to Throw an all Appetizer Party

Having a party with simply all appetizers should relatively be easier than having a party with main dishes. When it comes to appetizers, they are usually self-serve. All guests need to do is grab a plate and utensils. One could take a look at the restaurant called “Cafe Tu Tu Tango” for example as it is a restaurant that serves dishes in the form of appetizers. There are several ways you can throw an all-appetizer party.

First, you need to make a list of how many people you are going to invite. Once you have a conservative estimate, meaning you should overestimate how many people will show up, then decide how much you need to buy in regards to ingredients. It is best to overestimate the amount of people to ensure that nobody leaves with an empty stomach.

Second, you should diversify. Have appetizers that are completely different from each other. You should have something for everybody. For guests who enjoy meats and dairy, have various meat and cheese appetizers. For guests who are vegetarians and vegans, then you need to have appetizers for them as well. Also, have “neutral” appetizers that anybody and everybody can eat.

Third, prepare the appetizers the day or night before. If you plan on having plenty of appetizers and plenty of guests, it is important to prepare them beforehand. The easy prepare appetizers such as chips, dips, sliced meats, and so forth can be bought on the day of the party. Buy those things a few hours in advance before the start of the party. Such examples are sliced cheeses, cheese cubes, vegetable platters, sliced meat platters, popcorn chicken, popcorn shrimp, fries, cheese sticks, crackers, chips, dips, spreads, chicken wings, and many appetizers.

Fourth, be simplistic. Appetizers should not be something complicated to make. These are simple dishes that prepare a person before the main course. Since you are only serving appetizers, serve plenty of appetizers and in generous portions. Think about serving up possible one-pot meals as they should be easy to make and in large quantities.

Fifth, make the appetizers self-serve. Making a party self-serve will ease things off for you. If you are throwing the party, you should be out mingling and having fun.

If you are pressed for time, think about having a potluck type of appetizer party. You create a number of appetizers and request guests bring dishes of their own. That way, it makes it easier for you to prepare the party. It is best to encourage guests to bring their own appetizers to the party. When people bring their own dishes, then there is much diversity. It goes a long way to ensuring that there is something for everybody.

Depending what type of party you are throwing, it is best to simply have appetizers. If you are having a Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or some other type of special event party, then it is best to have appetizers. In the case of such parties, it does not hurt to order a few pizzas or something to go along with the appetizers. Since something like pizza can be divided up, it can count as an appetizer.

Appetizers do not have to be fancy. They simply need to be delicious, easily accessible, and in variety.  

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